3D-printed developing blocks of life

3D-printed creating blocks of life
The researchers, based at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, utilized extrusion-primarily based 3D printing to produce a grid-like 3D structure to develop embryoid physique that demonstrated cell viability and fast self-renewal …
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Architect: Robots, 3-D printing are &#39future of the developing market&#39
Austrian architect Wolf D. Prix, who is employing robots in the building of his Museum of Contemporary Art and Organizing Exhibition project in Shenzhen, China, told Dezeen that combining robotics and three-D printing could make constructing complex structures&nbsp…
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New technique to 3D print constructing blocks of life
WASHINGTON: Scientists have created a new 3D printing strategy capable of making highly uniform blocks of embryonic stem cells, which could be utilised as the &#39Lego bricks&#39 to construct larger structures of tissues, and potentially even micro-organs …
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