3D-printed cities: is this the future?

3D-printed cities: is this the future?

Image from page 94 of “A chronological history of the discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean illustrated with charts” (1803)
3d printing china house
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Identifier: chronologicalhis05burn
Title: A chronological history of the discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean illustrated with charts
Year: 1803 (1800s)
Authors: Burney, James, 1750-1821
Subjects: Voyages and travels Buccaneers
Publisher: London : Printed by Luke Hansard
Contributing Library: University of Pittsburgh Library Technique
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f the pillars and semi- * globe is strong, being composed of sand and stone cemented together and plaistered more than*. The equal height of the pillars and shape of the capitalsexplain that they were created for lodging a floor or platform,and for stopping the ascent of rats and other noxious vermin.In a lot of components of the F&gtast Indies the inhabitants have houseselevated upon pillars for their residence during the rainy sea-Vol. I. sons, or in low conditions. In the voyage of Magalhanes, theP9° city of Borneo, containing several thousand inhabitants, isdescribed to consist of houses resting upon posts which AvereAvashed by the tide. The Ladrone Islanders may derive thecustom either from the T^ast Indies or from similar necessity.The pillars at Tinian were in a style of grandeur surpassing anything which has been seen in the dwellings of the natives of themore Eastern Islands of the South Sea. The kindness of a pal, * Walters Narrative, Book III, Chap. two. ••–,.■4«- r•• •

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RUINS ON THE ISLAND OF TINIAN. ROUND THE Planet. 75 buddy, not professionally an artist, has contributed to the present chw. three.account of Commodore Ansons voyage a representation of 1742.the ruins at Tinian, developed and executed by him soon after the At Tiniandescription offered by Mr. Walter. Petrifactions had been identified at Tinian of substances of variouskinds, but chiefly of the vegetable. The Island Guahan is saidto have contained at this time four,000 inhabitants and on theIsland Rota were about 250 Indians, placed there to cultivaterice for the garrison at Guahan. It is remarked that in the whole range of the LadroneIslands there is not one very good harbour. The Road at Tinian isreckoned insecure from the middle of June to the middleof October. The rest of the year is typically a season of settledweather. October the 21st, the Centurion sailed from Tinian for China.November the 3d, she passed the two Islands of Botel Tobago BotelXima. Mr. Walter says the initial, is a small islet or rock lying xim

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