Culture Japan Season 1 on Crunchy Roll

Culture Japan Season 1 on Crunchy Roll

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Culture Japan Season 1 on Crunchy Roll
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Image by Danny Choo
Following the Japan broadcast on Tokyo MX Television and the Asia broadcast on Animax Asia, Culture Japan is now obtainable to the rest of za warudo on Crunchyloll.

For people who are not beknowist, Culture Japan is a Television show that I direct and present on that introduces Japanese Pop Culture and the more standard Japan. Filming Season 2 as we speak and will be on air on Tokyo MX Tv and Animax Asia this October.

You can check out the Culture Japan Channel or jump to every episode below.
Episode 1 – Shiori Mikami, Wonder Festival and Japanese Festivals

The extremely first episode of Culture Japan, featuring Shiori Mikami as a guest in studio. This episode brings us to 1 of the most significant figure events in the globe – the Summer Wonder Festival. We also take a look at how precisely figures are created in the Great Smile Organization figure factory in China, and ultimately take a go to to a Japanese Festival.

Episode two – Ninja Shenanigans in Edo Wonderland

The lovely Shiori Mikami joins us after once more as an in studio guest as we take look at Edo Wonderland in Nikko, where 1 can expertise life just as it was in the Edo Period of Japan, as properly as expertise life as a ninja! We also take a look at otaku rooms from all more than the planet.

Episode three – The Milky Holmes Girls

This episode’s guests are the wonderful Milky Holmes girls, who give us a appear into the planet of Milky Holmes and explain what it is like to be an anime voice actress. We’ll also take a appear at the festivities that went on at the Tokyo Game Show 2010.

Episode four – Cultural Festival at Tokyo Metropolitan High School

Asanon, the P.R Manager of Excellent Smile Business, joins us as a guest in this episode. We take a look at a Japanese cultural festival taking spot at Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai Higher School – there are loads of games to play, a ton of food to get pleasure from, and even some performances to watch!

Episode 5 – Akihabara Tour

In this episode we head out to Akihabara, the holy land of otaku. Initial we check out a ‘clone factory’, which prints out 3D clones. Subsequent we head out to Hobby Station – a enormous trading card shop – where we take a appear at what sort of goods they have on sale. We’ve also got coverage of the Volks store in there also.

Episode six – Ita-G Festival

In this episode we take element in the 2010 Ita-G Festival – an event filled with ‘itasha’, which are cars covered with cute anime characters – but there are also bicycles and even motorbikes that also look just as fantastic! We even take a appear at how these itasha are created, from start to finish. Afterwards we take a appear at Japan’s underground bicycle storage systems, and how they are improving space issues around Japan.

Episode 7 – Fujisawa High College

In this episode we pay a visit to Fujisawa Higher College and take a look at almost everything that goes on during a standard Japanese school day – from the numerous classes, break time, cleaning up the classroom and even afterschool activities, it is just like spending a day at a Japanese school for the day! Afterwards we take a appear at a Japanese purchasing street, where you can discover all sorts of goodies, from meals to 100 yen shops.

Episode eight – Japanese Archery and Pachinko

In this episode we visit Yashio Higher School where we take a close appear at ‘Kyudo’, or Japanese archery. We then head to the headquarters of Sammy, a organization who generate pachinko machines and are also the creators of the popular Twin Angel anime series. After studying a tiny about pachinko we then head out to a true pachinko parlor with the adorable Sammy girls and give it a go!

Episode 9 – AFAX Special

This week we check out Singapore and take a look at the 2010 Anime Festival Asia, which featured a quantity of popular Japanese music artists and voice actors, figures, cosplay competitions, trading card competitions and much more!

Episode ten – Shibuya Tour

In this episode we are joined by the beautiful Eri Otoguro as we take a appear all over Shibuya. We have a appear at all sorts of locations you can do some shopping – from the well-known ‘109’ developing which is filled with all the most present fashions down to the common otaku retailer ‘Mandarake’. We even take at some of the wonders you can discover in the Shibuya electronic retailers.

Episode 11 – Anime &amp Manga

In this episode we make a check out to Production I.G. where we take a appear at how anime is created – from the frame drawing to the coloring. We then pay a visit to Yuko Azami-sensei, an illustrator responsible for making Danny’s mascot character Mirai-chan! Ultimately we pay a pay a visit to to ‘Web Technology’, who are the developers of the application ‘Comipo’, which helps any individual make manga quickly and simply!

Episode 12 – Food Samples, Dolls and Ryokan

In this episode we take a appear at how the different food samples displayed all more than Japan are produced. Right after that we head down to the headquarters of Obitsu, a firm responsible for making definitely lovely dolls, and they take us by way of the procedure utilised to make dolls. Finally we also head to a traditional Japanese inn or ‘ryokan’, exactly where we take a appear at how one should commit their day when staying in one particular of these traditional rooms.

Episode 13 + 14 will be uploaded at a later date. The very first 6 or 7 episodes have my profile at the beginning which turn into tedious right after a even though but my producer insisted that we put them in for the Japanese audience – will make positive they are not there for the second season!

Each show runs ads at the starting which I cant do something about – I’ve turned them off for my YouTube channel but Crunchy does need to have to make a wee bit O cash to run the service so hope this is fine with you.

Trailer for the 1st season below.

And a 1 hour digest beneath which contains some of episode 14.

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20130228 Unreasonable at Sea on Young
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Image by……

Unreasonable at Sea: An Update From Cesar Harada of Protei

FEBRUARY 27, 2013


Editor’s Note: This post marks the second in a quick series we’re featuring on the Unreasonable at Sea plan. Check out the very first installment “Entrepreneurs Take on the World — By Cruise Ship“

Contact it an aquatic update.

It’s been six weeks since the mobile-accelerator program Unreasonable at Sea set sail on the MV Explorer for a 4-month trip about the globe, and as we promised, we’re checking in with our intrepid entrepreneurs. Very first up is Cesar Harada of Protei, who dropped us a line as he was departing Singapore.

Through Protei, Harada hopes to make an open-supply sailing robot, or drone, that cleans up environmental waste. But he nevertheless has main challenges, which he hopes to tackle all through the voyage. Not only is he aiming to crack the engineering puzzle that is building a shape-shifting hull, he wants to create a worldwide neighborhood that develops the technology. He’ll also need to have to fine tune his technologies, which has a number of applications — from cleaning up oil spills to plastic pollution and far more.

“It is hard to think of a much better location as the middle of the ocean with some of the world’s most notable entrepreneurs to reinvent how technology can connect us back with the atmosphere in a meaningful and sustainable way,” he says.

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As a result far, the CEO and his colleagues have visited Hawaii, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and they’re presently are in Burma. Offered Harada’s Japanese heritage — and the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that spurred a level seven nuclear crisis, the worst since Chernobyl — he was most eager to revisit his roots and start off to apply his technology, which can also be employed to clean up radioactivity.

“Half of my household lives in Niigata, and I was horrified [when the tsunami hit]. Hundreds of thousands of people had been evacuated,” he recalls.

When the Unreasonable ship docked in Japan, Harada and his team built underwater radioactivity sensors in Tokyo. They then drove to Fukushima and immersed the instrument at the border of the exclusion zone to measure significant amounts of radioactivity on the seabed.

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They also have been capable to meet with FuRo (Future Robotics Laboratory of Chiba University) that gives TEPCO, Japan’s national power business, with “Quince,” the remotely-operated robot that was sent inside the broken reactor for remote sensing and operations. “We are now integrating FuRo Electronics in Protei style and hope to come back as quickly as we possibly can to deploy a fleet of Protei in Fukushima surrounding waters,” Harada says.

The neighborhood atmosphere that the academic host company Semester at Sea fosters has been advantageous to Protei’s improvement, notes Harada. The term “We’re in the exact same boat” has taken on a entire new meaning, he adds. “We share meals. We work together. We celebrate our small victories together. We cheer each and every other up in challenging moments.”

He’s also studying much more about himself. “I like folks, but it’s in fact tough for me to truly like men and women — till this trip,” says Harada. I normally concentrate on function. However, I’ve connected fairly intensely with the mentors and the organizers.” The system also boasts 50 faculty members and 600 Semester at Sea students, with whom the traveling treps interact.

Connected: Crisscrossing the Globe In the Name of Entrepreneurship

While prior to the voyage, Harada was focusing on Japan, it is China that may have proven most impactful to Protei’s future so far. “We located remarkable manufacturing partners in Shenzhen. We have seen that our technology is relevant for environmental measurement there, and we have identified a place where we can scale Protei production.”

Following the voyage’s completion in Might, Harada now plans to relocate Protei from his native Paris to Shenzhen, one particular of the world’s centers for electronic manufacturing.

-For more from Harada on his journey and Protei’s development check out his blog,

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