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Chinese firm unveils 3D printed villas that can be &#39built&#39 in under 3 hours
Waiting patiently for your dream property to be built could soon turn into a factor of the past. One Chinese construction firm has found a way to make houses pop up at the press of a button – 3D printed residences that could be assembled in under three hours.
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12000-square-foot 3D-printed mansion pops up in China
3D printing has an enormously bright future, and I would love to have a huge ol&#39 home printed for me. But the dilemma is, is that it looks 3D printed. What I mean by that is you can see all the layers it took to make it, it makes it appear negative, kinda …
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3D-printed home built in just three hours in China
A 3D-printed residence has been constructed in just three hours in a single of China&#39s capital cities. The individual modules of a dining area, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms had been assembled by Chinese developer Zhuoda Group on a website in Xi&#39an earlier this month.
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