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Best Down Light Cured Resin 3D Printer Gizmo&#39s GiziMate Series is Set to Hit
3dp_gizmo_logo One particular of the more frequent, and in my opinion valid, criticisms of stereolithography and other light-cured resin 3D printers is the expense of printer maintenance and essential peripherals. Liquid resin currently isn&#39t the cheapest 3D printing&nbsp…
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Build your own 3D printer for and modify
1 major obstacle to the widespread adoption of 3D printing is expense. Not as well several folks are willing to shell out $ 300+ for a printer they know little to absolutely nothing about. Rather of waiting for prices to drop as the technologies matures, DIYers can take …
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Black Friday &amp Cyber Monday 2015: Offers Abound for 3D Printing Enthusiasts!
There are presently a lot of people out there saying, “Hmmm….I also could do this–or that–if only I had a 3D printer.” And even though shopping, you can really make all the competition in the marketplace work for you, taking benefit of lower rates, and …