G2A 3D+ Announces Amazing Interactive Customised Merchandise at Taipei Game

G2A 3D+ Announces Remarkable Interactive Customised Merchandise at Taipei Game
G2A.COM worked in collaboration with 3DGence, a leading European manufacturer of 3D printers. G2A 3D+ was developed to bring joy to gamers, and for the developers to enrich their titles in a new way. Yao Song, the Chinese Area Manager at G2A added:&nbsp…
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Shining 3D launches EinScan-Pro handheld 3D scanner and EinStart-L multi-color
Just final month, the EinScan-S Portable 3D Scanner, manufactured by Chinese company Shining 3D, made our list of Very best 3D Scanners of 2015 due to its customer-friendly cost, structured light technologies, and two scanning modes, all of which allow for&nbsp…
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Rapid News Publications Ltd and VNU Exhibitions Asia announce joint venture
The timing of the joint venture is hugely favourable, following the Chinese government&#39s National 3D Printing Sector Development Promotion Strategy released in February 2015 which, coupled with important government funding in academic institutions …
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Maker shares amazing tutorial for DIY 3D printer that costs $50 to build

Maker shares great tutorial for DIY 3D printer that fees to build
And although there are a few good DIY construct alternatives obtainable, one instructables user has just shared a tutorial for what could be the least expensive and easiest DIY 3D printer selection accessible. Depending on what you can scavenge, this machine by gigafide expenses …
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3D printer for hobby robotics
I locate it somewhat perplexing you&#39re asking a query on robotics and 3D printing on a website that focuses mainly on software, art, and a tiny hardware. This is most likely not a good location to get recommendations for a 3D printer, as very handful of (if any …
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