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A couple of good chinese 3d printing photos I located:

Image from page 291 of “American inventions and inventors” (1900)
chinese 3d printing
Image by World wide web Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: americaninventio00mowr
Title: American inventions and inventors
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Mowry, William Augustus, 1829-1917 Mowry, Arthur Could, 1862- joint author
Subjects: Inventions
Publisher: New York, Boston [and so on.] Silver, Burdett and firm
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
t present in the UnitedStates would aggregate a distance of far more than six hundredthousand miles, and there are a lot more than half a million in-struments in our nation alone. The longest phone lineextends from Portland, Maine, by way of Boston, New York, and Chicago, to Milwaukee, adistance of far more than thir-teen hundred miles. Let us think about for amoment the wonders of thismarvelous invention, ascompared with yet another noless marvelous in its way. In 1867 Anson Burlin-game was appointed by theChinese Government specialenvoy to the United Statesand the excellent Europeangovernments, with powerto frame treaties of pal-ship with those nations. This was an honor never ever beforeconferred on a foreigner. Mr. Burlingame accepted theappointment and, at the head of a huge mission of distin-guished Chinese officials, arrived in this nation early in1868, negotiated with our Government the BurlingameTreaty, proceeded the very same year to England, thence toFrance, the subsequent year to Denmark, Sweden, Holland, and

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
ALEXANDER BELL Utilizing A Lengthy-DISTANCETELEPHONE. LETTERS—THE Phone. 289 Prussia, and lastly reached Russia early in 1870. He died inSt. Petersburg following a handful of days illness, on the two 3d of February. Now see what the telegraph did. His death occurredabout half-previous nine in the morning. As soon as possiblethe fact was telegraphed to our minister in Paris. He for-warded the news to our minister in London by him it wascabled across the Atlantic, transmitted from the cable toWashington and delivered to Nathaniel P. Banks, a memberof the Plouse of Representatives from Massachusetts. Gen-eral Banks study the dispatch to the Property, and deliveredoffhand an extended eulogy upon the distinguished son ofMassachusetts. That speech of Basic Banks was writtenout, sent to the telegraph workplace, transmitted by the electriccurrent to the different cities of the nation, place into sort,printed in the evening newspapers, and the writer of thischapter study it at 4 oclock in the afternoon of the identical

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Image from web page 367 of “The Gardeners’ Chronicle : a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects” (1895)
chinese 3d printing
Image by Net Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: gardenerschronic0318gard
Title: The Gardeners’ Chronicle : a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Gardeners’ chronicle (London, England : 1874)
Subjects: Ornamental horticulture Horticulture Plants, ornamental
Publisher: London: [Gardeners’ Chronicle]
Contributing Library: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, McLean Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Just before Image:
HEATING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, JUST OUT. ESTIMATES Cost-free. First-CLASS WORKMANSHIP and Best Materials ONLY. TUCKER, TOTTENHAM. 3 MINUTES Walk FROM SEVEN SISTERS STATION, Excellent EASTERN RAILWAY. Editorial communications ought to be addressed to the Editor Advertieemeota and Organization Letters to The Publisher, at the Office, 41, Wellington Street, Covent Garden,Lon loo, W.O. Printed (or the Proprietor! by Messrs. Hbadbury, Ahnbw, &amp Co. (Limited), Lombard Street, Precinct of Whitefriars, City of London, in the County of Middlesex, and published by a&ampthub George M artiw, at the Office, 41, Wellington Street, Parish of St. Pauls, Covent Garden, in the stated County.—Saturday, September 21, 1895. Agent for Manchester—John Hk ywood.

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
Established i84i No. 457.—Vol. XVIII. s^™ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBEE 28, 1895. J Regt. as a Newspaper, f P RICwiTH SUPPLEMENT.! POST- e 3d. POST-FBEE, Sid. CONTENTS. AriBtolochia elegans in Africa Astilbe LemoineiXBeobuana Chiefs at Bead-ing Bigenerio Fern hybrid, aBotany andthe American Government Cactus Dahlia Mrs. Wil-son Noble Cattleya WarscewicziiCountess of Derby Coohlioda Cupreesus &ampquarrosaCypripedium x Lord Derby … Forestry-Trees, soil?, and situa-tions Fruit Show at the Crystal Palace 361,373 Garden crops, rotation of 365Grass and Clover seed crops 858 Insect wax, Chinese … 365 Italy 362 Manchester Royal Bota-nic Society and allot-ments 361 Masdevallia Lowii … 360New and Noteworthyplants—Ceropegia debilisOdontogloseum aspidorhinum 365 367 360360360 358 367 356356 Nursery Notes—T. F. Rivers &amp Sons , Jas. Veitch &amp Sons , Obituary—Laverrier, JulesStenger, HermanVervaet, Isidore 368360 365372372 Old-World gardens, some 355Oncidium ornithoryn- cbum albiflo

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New hundred focus group
chinese 3d printing
Image by jcbear2
date 2012


3 mould-created clay sculptures, glaze, raku glaze 1 3D-printed copy (incorrectly coloured due to machine malfunction) paper


35.3 /77.6 cm [the proportions of Canadian banknotes]

This year [2012] the Bank of Canada rolled out new hundred dollar bills, made of plastic. The images on the banknotes had been run previous focus groups. These incorporated an image of a lady utilizing a microscope. Comments on this image integrated:

– the observation that the woman looked Asian, and was consequently not representative of Canada [which is an admirably diverse country]

– the observation that this representation of diversity was admirable and

– the observation that if an Asian was represented then other ethnicities ought to be as effectively.

Armed with this feedback, the Bank of Canada shot itself in both feet. Just before actually issuing the new bills, the Bank replaced the image with one of “neutral ethnicity.” That is, Caucasian-seeking. Reasonably enough, representatives of the Chinese Canadian neighborhood took offense. The Governor of the Bank apologized.

To the extent that anything could hope to, this piece comments on this lunacy, possibly suggesting the ethnic balance to be sought in the subsequent concentrate group.

Exhibited in he Group of 77 Show for Culture Days 2012, 28 Sept – 15 Oct.