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p214 Tiny Residence in a Box Dreaming of a Various Sunset
3d printing companies
Image by wyldvision
The sunset image utilised here is from: &quotClickArt Outstanding Image Pak 65,000&quot and is copyright 1996, by the T/Maker Organization.

bre pettis (ceo-founder, makerbot industries) at his company’s headquarters
3d printing companies
Image by nicolas.boullosa

Excellent Heavens! (Scotch Devil)
3d printing companies
Image by jcbear2
repeating myself a bit, a handful of years ago I produced a small clay devil muscling his way our of one particular of these presentation tubes that some bottles of scotch come in. I named it “Good heavens man, you’re not placing ice in that?” Scotch drinkers appreciated it several other individuals enjoyed it. So I sooner or later produced a far better figure and had it reproduced by the 3d printing organization shapeways, where it is now for sale.

There are two sizes of Scotch Devil, 1 sized to fit a Balvenie canister like the original, and a smaller sized version that fits some smaller canisters and numerous other round containers.

Either size can, equally, merely sit on a table or shelf, looking indignant.

(Pictures of the original and equivalent-themed sculptures are incorporated in the Other Perform album earlier in this photostream.)